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Song list for Eclectic Singing, August 25, 2011.

We focused on songs from Daniel Mansfield's The American Vocalist (1848) that have recently been revived
(e.g. recordings issued by Tim Ericksen and Joel Cohen)
(and other songs introduced on recordings, but not in The Sacred Harp)

Deal Gently With Thy Servants, Lord Gently Lord, O gently lead us, Pilgrims in this vale of tears,
And, O Lord, in mercy give us, Thy rich grace in all our fears.

Lyrics: Thomas Hastings (1831)
Source: American Vocalist (1848), page 249b
Status:PDF file.

Elysian Burst, ye emerald gates, and bring To my raptured vision
All th'ecstatic joys that spring Round the bright elysian.

Source: Baptist Harmony, p. 471.
Status:Southern Harmony page 100 with GIF file (3 voices). (same tune as Sacred Harp
Words: Web page with 4 stanzas.
We will use this tune: American Vocalist.

Thirty-Fourth Psalm Through all the changing scenes of life, In trouble and in joy,
The praises of my God shall still My heart and tongue employ

Source: Joseph Stephenson's setting of Tate and Brady's (1696) metrical translation of Psalm 34.
Status:PDF file.

Fiducia Yet another tune for John Newton's Amazing Grace

Source: Hesperian Harp (1848).
Status:PDF file.

Invitation New Hark I hear the harps eternal ringing on the farther shore
As I near those swollen waters with their deep and solemn roar.

Status:PDF file has been made.
Webpage of scanned-in version

Resignation My Shepherd will supply my need; Jehovah is his name;
In pastures fresh he makes me feed, Beside the living stream.

Source: Southern Harmony page 38.
Status:Southern Harmony section of
gif file of scanned-in version I will try to make a Lilypond file.

Dunlap's Creek My God, my portion, and my love, My everlasting All,
I've none but thee in heaven above, Or on this earthly ball.

Source: Southern Harmony page 276.
Status:Southern Harmony section of
gif file of scanned-in version

Land of Beulah My latest sun is sinking fast, my race is nearly run,
My strongest trials now are past, My triumph is begun.

Question: How many people want to do this? Only the tenor/melody has musical interest.

Friendship Friendship to every willing mind, opens a heav'nly treasure
There may the sons of sorrow find, sources of lasting pleasure

Source: Philadelphia Songster (1799)
Status:PDF file has been made. (revise: letter-->legal) (fix hyphens)

Lisbon Farewell dear brethren of the Lord! And I cannot tarry here;
Yet we believe his gracious word, And I cannot tarry here;

Source: Henry F. Chandler, The Social Harp, 1854
Status:PDF file has been made. (revise: letter-->legal) (fix hyphens)
Webpage for learning

New Concord O how happy are they Who their Savior obey, And have laid up their treasures above!
Tongue cannot express The sweet comfort and peace Of a soul in its earliest love.

Source: Abraham Wood, Northampton Harmony, 1799
Status:PDF file made but not uploaded.
PDF file.

Walpole Oh, if my soul was form'd for woe, How would I vent my sighs!
Repentence should like rivers flow From both my streaming eyes.

Source: Abraham Wood, Northampton Harmony, 1799
Status:PDF file has been made.
Webpage for learning

Go Worship at Emmanuel's Feet Go worship at Emmanuel's feet, See, in his Name what wonders meet;
Source: American Vocalist page 251.
Status: PDF file takes 2 pages.
Omitting 1 stanza reduces to 1 page. (Omitting a vertical element causes Lilypond to shrink the horizontal dimension. There must be a way to do obtain horizontal compaction without omitting the stanza.) (Omitting the grace notes doesn't have this result.)
Go When The Morning Shineth Go when the morning shineth, Go when the noon is bright;
Source: American Vocalist page 268.
Status: PDF of original and midi of original.
PDF with altered ending and midi with altered ending. The last two chords are more shape-notey.
Text of original poem is here. (Some editorial decisions are still required. Note Stanza 3 "spirit" and "mercy" are each to be pronounced as a single syllable.
In Evil Long In evil long I took delight, Unawed by shame or fear;
Till a new object struck my sight, And stopped my wild career.

Source:American Vocalist page 331b.
Status:PDF file here.

Spring The little hills on ev'ry side Rejoice in falling show'rs
The meadows drest in all their pride Perfume the air with flow'rs.

Source:P. T. Bullard, World of Music, c. 1847
Status:Webpage with downloadable PDF file.

Psalm 119 Had not Thy word been my delight When earthly joys were fled,
My soul oppressed with sorrows' weight Had sunk amongst the dead.

Source:American Vocalist
Status:Webpage with PDF file.

No. 8 I hear the voice of woe, I hear a brother's sigh,
Then let my heart with pity flow, With tears of love mine eye.

Source:American Musical Magazine (1802)
Status:PDF file.

All Is Well What's this that steals, that steals across my frame?
That soon will quench, will quench this vital frame?

Tune is much different from Sacred Harp #122
Source:American Vocalist (page 254)
Status:PDF file.
Canterbury New Why should the children of a king, Go mourning all their days?
Great Comforter descend and bring Some tokens of thy grace.

Source: Isaac Watts (1709) American Vocalist page 57
Status:PDF file.

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