One Hundred And Nineteenth Psalm. C.M.

Smith, American Vocalist, 1848

Listen to Psalm 119 at Tim Eriksen's website: Track 14 on the Northampton Harmony CD

Download PDF file (all 4 voices)
Download PDF file of tenor part. (Scroll down to see the tenor part by itself.)
Download LilyPond file.

The Hesperian Harp version (given here) differs from the one that the quartet (Northampton Harmony) sings. In Hesperian the treble comes in first on the fuge; one the recording Cath Oss comes in before Kelly House.

The text is a metrical translation (8-6 8-6) of Psalm 119 verse 92 by Isaac Watts
Unless thy law had been my delights, I should then have perished in mine affliction. (KJV)

In Hebrew with 1917 JPS translation.

Scanned-in page from Hesperian Harp number 135 on Berkley Moore's website.
Just the tenor part

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