Metrical psalms in shape-note notation.

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Psalm 019 Psalm_019_Chester.pdfF_MajorSun, moon, and stars convey
(L.M.) (Isaac Watts, 1719)
Psalm 019 Psalm_019_Creation.pdfA_MajorThe spacious firmament on high
(LMD: Joseph Addison 1712; setting: Franz Josef Haydn 1798
Psalm 019 Psalm_019_Federal_Street.pdfAb_MajorI read my duty in thy word
(LM: Isaac Watts; loosely associated with Ps 19)
Psalm 019 Psalm_019_Haddam.pdfC_MAJORJehovah's perfect law restores the soul again
(HM, United Presbyterian Hymnal 1912; setting by Lowell Mason 1822)
Psalm 019 Psalm_019_Heart_Ever.pdfC_MajorThe heavens declare Thy glory, The firmament Thy power
(7-8 7-6 D; Thomas Birks 1874; setting: J.S. Bach BWV 68 1725)
Psalm 022 Psalm_022_Hunnys_g.pdfg_minorWhy will my Father hide His face, When foes stand threat'ning round?
(CM: Isaac Watts, 1719; setting "Seven Sobs of a Sorrowful Soul" (1585)
Psalm 022 Old_022ndd_majorWhy will my Father hide His face, When foes stand threat'ning round?
(CMD: Isaac Watts, 1719; setting "Seven Sobs of a Sorrowful Soul" (1585)
Psalm 023 Psalm_023_Crimond_melody.pdfF_MajorThe Lord's my Shepherd I'll not want
(CM: Scottish Psalter 1650; setting: Jessie Seymour Irvine (1836-1887)
Psalm 023 ResignationF_MajorMy Shepherd will supply my need; Jehovah is his name;
(CM: Isaac Watts (1719); this melody is used in Southern Harmony)
Psalm 025 Old_025th.pdfg_majorWhere shall the man be found That fears t'offend his God,
That loves the gospel's joyful sound, And trembles at the rod?
(SMD: Isaac Watts, 1719; Psalmes (1558)
Psalm 034 034th.pdfc_majorThrough all the changing scenes of life, In trouble and in joy,
The praises of my God shall still My heart and tongue employ.
Tate and Brady (1696); Joseph Stephenson
Psalm 044 Old_044th.pdfa_major(two pages)
Lord, we have heard thy works of old, Thy works of power and grace,
When to our ears our fathers told The wonders of their days.
(CMD: Isaac Watts, 1719; Psalmes (1558)
Psalm 044 Old_044dg.pdfa_major(one page: dragon stanza only)
Tho' dragons all around us roar With their destructive breath,
And thine own hand has bruis'd us sore Hard by the gates of death.
(CMD: Isaac Watts, 1719; Psalmes (1558)
Psalm 050 Old_050thg_dorian(Isaac Watts; 4 voices; 2-page PDF file)
The God of glory sends his summons forth,
Calls the south nations, and awakes the north;
Psalm 050 Old_050th
g_dorian(Isaac Watts; melody only; 1-page PDF file)

Midi file for this voice.

Psalm 068 (not yet set in shapes)

Psalm 068:31 "Ethiopia shall soon stretch out her hands unto God"

Embedded in a poem by Dr.John Rippon celebrating the abolition of slavery act of 1807, with hymn tune by William Tansur

Psalm 077 Psalm_077_St_Ni_01.pdf
e_minorTo God I cried with mournful voice, I sought His gracious ear,
(CM: Isaac Watts 1719; setting: Maurice Greene 1696-1755)

10 stanzas in two PDF files (1-5; 6-10).

Psalm 077 Psalm_077_Leander_235.pdf a_minor(Just "Passover" stanzas 2, 3, and 4)
Long did the house of Joseph lie With Egypt's yoke oppressed;
(CMD: Isaac Watts 1719; setting: "Leander" from Tennessee Harmony (1818))

10 stanzas in two PDF files (1-5; 6-10).

Psalm 077 Psalm_077_Leander_all.pdf a_minor(all 5 stanzas)
How awful is Thy chastening rod! May Thy own children say
The great, the wise, the dreadful God! How holy is His way!

(CMD: Isaac Watts 1719; setting: "Leander" from Tennessee Harmony (1818))

10 stanzas in two PDF files (1-5; 6-10).

Psalm 081 Old_081stF_MajorSternhold and Hopkins (1562)

Blow as it were in the new moon, with trumpets of the best
As it is us - ed to be done at any solemn feast.

Can be used as a Rosh Hodesh song.
With rationalizing tenuousness removed:
Blow as ordained in the new moon, with shofar's timely blast.
The ancient covenant renewed with ev'ry solemn feast

Psalm 97 Old_097th.pdfD_major3 stanzas from Brady and Tate (1696).

Jehovah reigns, let all the earth
in his just government rejoice

PDF file with 5 stanzas (including the 2 anti-pagan stanzas).

Psalm 100 Old_100th.pdfA_majorThe Sacred Harp version, but with all 4 stanzas of the loud anthems that we should sing.

To Him address, in joyful songs,
The praise that to His name belongs.

The difference between a tempered piano and biological voices, simply explained using Old Hundredth (PDF file).

Psalm 102  A_minorIsaac Watts (1719).
No. 44 in the Shenandoah Harmony (tune: Berne).

Hear me O Lord, nor hide thy face,
But answer lest I die;

Psalm 113 Old_113th.pdfE_majorIsaac Watts (1719).

Ye that delight to serve the Lord,
The honours of his Name record

Psalm 119 future_link e_minor
Upward I lift mine eyes From God is all my aid
(HM: Isaac Watts 1719; setting: William Doane (1832-1925)
Psalm 121 Psalm_121_Avalon_C.pdfC_Major
(G Mixolydian)
Upward I lift mine eyes From God is all my aid,
The God that built the skies, And earth and nature made.
(HM: Isaac Watts 1719; setting: William Doane (1832-1925)
Psalm 121 Psalm_121_Sandon_E.pdfE_MajorUnto the hills around do I lift up My longing eyes
(10-4 10-4 10-10) John D. Campbell (1877); setting: Charles H. Purday (1857)
Psalm 121 E_MajorHast thou not given thy word To save my soul from death?
(H.M.) Isaac Watts (1719).

In Shenandoah Harmony, using a tune originally composed for Psalm 136: Deolph (1778).

Psalm 124 Psalm_124_Old_124th.pdfF_MajorNow Israel may say, and that in truth, If that the Lord had not our right maintained
(10-10-10-10-10: Presbyterian Psalter 1912; setting: Genevan Psalter 1551)
Psalm 139 Psalm_139_Maori.pdfF_MajorMaori melody
Verses 23-24: Search me O God, and know my thoughts today Try me, O Savior, know my thoughts I pray. See if there be some wicked way in me; J. Edwin Orr, 1936.

Psalm 145 Psalm_145_Watts_Rockingham.pdfEb_MajorMy God, my King, Thy various praise Shall fill the remnant of my days
(LM: Isaac Watts 1719; setting Karl P.E. Bach arr. (1790)
Psalm 148 Psalm_148_Darwalls.pdf

MIDI bass

D_MajorYe boundless realms of joy, Exalt your Maker's frame,

Stanzas 6 & 7: Praise him, ye dreadful whales, And fish, that through the sea Glide swift with glitt'ring scales.
(MH: Brady and Tate (1696); setting: John Darwall (1770)

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