Metrical psalms in the Shenandoah Harmony (2012).

In the Shenandoah Harmony one finds 90 tunes that use words from 50 different psalms.
Some psalms are more interesting to composers than others:
Psalm 146 is given in 4 different tunes, Psalm 89 has 5 tunes; Psalm 50 has 6 tunes, and Psalm 90 ("Death, like an overflowing stream") has 7 tunes.
44 tunes are minor, 46 are major.

Other metrical psalms in shape-note notation.
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PsalmpageTuneIncipit (or characteristic phrase)
Psalm 005 316Fluvanna CMDLord, in the morning Thou shalt hear
E minor. Tune: Abraham Maxim (1805).
Psalm 010 166Voorheesville CMLord, shall the wicked still deride
E minor. Tune: Aldo Ceresa (2008)
Psalm 011 392Solitude New CMDMy refuge is the God of love;
A minor. Elisha West (1798);
Psalm 013 246bAmelia CMVerses 2 & 3 are taken from Psalm 13 (Watts, 1719, C.M.)
F major. Tim Eriksen (1993).
Psalm 017 125Islington LMThis life's a dream, an empty show;
D major. Tune from Foundry Collection (1742);
Psalm 017 377Glascow LMThis life's a dream, an empty show;
G major. Elkanah Kelsey Dare (1813)
Psalm 018 329Majesty CMDWhen God, our leader, shines in arms,
E minor. Stephen Jenks (1799)
Psalm 019 154Venus SMBehold the lofty sky, Declares its maker God;
F Major. Elisha West (1793)
Psalm 022 354Montague LMDNow let our mournful songs record
D minor. Timothy Swan (1781).
Psalm 023 310Wigan SMThe Lord my shepherd is
A minor. Thomas Firth (1784).
Psalm 024 183Paris LMThis spacious earth is all the Lord's,
A major. William Billings (1779)
Psalm 025 248Singing Pilgrim 6sSin and the powers of hell
A major. Die Philharmonia (1875)
Psalm 025 281Psalm 25 SM PSALM 25 (proper tune) S.M. I lift my soul to God,
A minor. Alexander Gillet (1779)
Psalm 030 407Woburn LMFirm was my health, my day was bright,
A minor. Jacob Kimball (1793)
Psalm 034 418Rochester CMCome, children, learn to fear the Lord;
A major. Israel Holdroyd (1722)
Psalm 044 192Bunker Hill CMDWe are expos'd all day to die
E minor. Abraham Wood (1793).
Psalm 045 342Mount Olive LMDAnd wins the nations to his love.
G major. The Musical Synopsis (1807).
Psalm 047 328Joyful Sound CMJesus our God ascends on high,"
C major. Federal Harmony (1790).
Psalm 050 110Justice PMThe God of glory sends his summons forth,
C major. Solomon Chandler (1786)
Psalm 050 254Pennsylvania PM The God of glory sends his summons forth,
A minor. Jeremiah Ingalls
Psalm 050 352Cumberland PMThe God of glory sends his summons forth,
E major. Elijah Griswold (1796).
Psalm 050 330The Judgment CMDThe Lord, the Judge, before his throne
F major. Nehemiah Shumway (1793)
Psalm 050 374Epiphenema 10sSinners, awake betimes; ye fools, be wise;
A minor. Simeon Coan (1793).
Psalm 050 427JudgmentBehold the Judge descends; his guards are nigh;
C major. Daniel Read
Psalm 051 7tSupplicationA Book of Psalmody (1718); Ps 48 (Isaac Watts, 1719)
A minor. from Southern Harmony (1835).
Psalm 051 39SymphonyShow pity Lord, O Lord forgive,
G minor. Beauties of Psalmody (1786).
Psalm 051 298Balloon LMDBehold I fall before thy face;
E Minor. Timothy Swan (1785)
Psalm 055 23Florida CMWith inward pain my heart-strings sound,
A Minor. John Wyeth's Repository of Sacred Music (1810)
Psalm 055 193Solitude in the Grove CMDO were I like a feather'd dove,
E minor. Ananias Davisson (1817)
Psalm 063 155Castine SMMy God, permit my tongue
A minor. Abraham Maxim (1808)
Psalm 065 442East Needham CMThe little hills on every side
G major. Daniel Belknap (1800)
Psalm 068 184Sinai LMD Lord when Thou didst ascend on high, Ten thousand angels filled the sky.
C major. Merritt Woodruff (1801)
Psalm 068 242Boulder LMGod will arise in all his might
E minor. Ted Johnson (1990).
Psalm 069 32Sutton New CMthe swelling floods break in upon my soul.
F# minor. Ezra Goff (1793).
Psalm 069 151Thorn CMHe sav'd me from the dreadful deep,
A major. William Hauser (1848).
Psalm 069 199Carlisle LMDeep in our hearts let us record
A minor. Ishmael Spicer (1789).
Psalm 069 216Southborough CMNow let our lips with holy fear
A minor. Abraham Wood (1793).
Psalm 072 436Dominion LMJesus shall reign where'er the sun
E major. Daniel Read (1798).
Psalm 089 107Exalted Hope CMBlest are the souls that hear and know The gospel's joyful sound;
Bv major. David Wright (2011).
Psalm 089 177Coromandel CMThy words the raging winds control, And rule the boist'rous deep.
D minor. Bartholomew Brown (1801).
Psalm 089 280Psalm 89 LPMPSALM 89 (proper tune) Think, mighty God, on feeble man,
D minor. Beauties of Psalmody (1786).
Psalm 089 340Whitestown LMDRemember, Lord, our mortal state; (42) (exactly same melody as Sacred Harp 211) (different words)
E minor. Howd (1800).
Psalm 089 346Sheffield, CMDNew honours be address'd;
G major. The American Compiler of Sacred Harmony (1803).
Psalm 090 119tLamentation LMDeath, like an overflowing stream
a minor. Bradshaw (1820).
Psalm 090 210Amanda LMDeath, like an overflowing stream,
A minor. Justin Morgan (1790)
Psalm 090 121Hermon LMThrough ev'ry age eternal God,
F major. Ezra Goff (1786).
Psalm 090 212Augusta CMOur God, our help in ages past,
D minor. P. Sherman (1808)
Psalm 090 298Little Marlborough SMLord what a feeble piece
A minor. Aaron Williams (1763).
Psalm 090 361Georgia CMReturn, O God of love, return;
E minor. The Rudiments of Music (1786).
Psalm 090 456Mortality SMOur moments fly apace, Nor will our minutes stay;
A minor. McKyes (1792).
Psalm 092 1bRockbridgeSweet is the work, my God my king,
To praise thy name, give thanks and sing;
C major. Arr. Amzi Chapin (c. 1798).
Psalm 092 188Lewisburgh LMSweet is the day of sacred rest;
A major. Nehemiah Shumway (1793)
Psalm 092 348Birmingham LM In gardens planted by thine hand;
G major. Glen Wright (1990).
Psalm 096 235Baltimore LPMTo sing the choicest psalm of praise,
G major. Jeremiah Ingalls (1796).
Psalm 098 272Sounding Joy CMJoy to the earth, the Savior reigns;
D major. J.P. Storm (1795).
Psalm 100 285Eternity LMFirm as a rock thy truth must stand
E minor. Charles Obert (1999).
Psalm 102 13b Bethel CMLet Zion and her sons rejoice
C major. Amzi Chapin (1813)
Psalm 102 227Berne CMDHear me O Lord, Nor hide thy face, But answer lest I die;
Hast thou not built a throne of grace
A minor. Uri K. Hill (1801).
Psalm 102 406Complaint LM.Save us, O Lord, aloud we pray,
E minor. Ezra Parmenter (1790).
Psalm 104 140tJehalah LMGod from his cloudy cistern pours,
A major. The Juvenile Harmony (1825.)
Psalm 104 236Maquoketa LPMThere ships divide their watery way,
F major. P. Dan Brittain (2002).
Psalm 104 238Dover LMDMy soul, thy great Creator praise;)
C major. Timothy Swan (1792).
Psalm 107 414 Poole LM(Tate & Brady) They that in ships with courage bold,
G minor. William Knapp (1750).
Psalm 117 412America LMFrom all that dwell below the skies
F major. Abraham Maxim (1818).
Psalm 119 378 Pleasant Valley CM Psalm 119(vv 25, 37) My soul lies cleaving to the dust;
C major. Justin Morgan (1790)
Psalm 119 428Psalm 119 CMPs 119 -- (vv 92, 67) Had not thy word been my delight
E minor. Smith (1793).
Psalm 121 416Psalm 136 HMHast thou not given thy word (Psalm 121:3)
C major. Deolph (1778).
Psalm 122 127Pembroke SPMHow pleased and blest was I,)
C majorJeremiah Ingalls (1802)
Psalm 122 274Zion CMTHow did my heart rejoice to hear My friends devoutly say,
D major. Daniel Read (1793).
Psalm 125 314Texas SMFirm and unmov'd are they
C major. William Hauser (c 1846).
Psalm 126 223America C.M.When God revealed His gracious name,
C major. Elisha West (1807).
Psalm 132 149Reflection CMNo sleep nor slumber to his eyes
Bb major. Arr. Ananias Davisson (1817).
Psalm 133 43bBotetourt SMBlest are the men of peace,
A minor. James C. Lowry (1820).
Psalm 133 434Wilscot SDBlest are the sons of peace,
A major. Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg, 2008
Psalm 133 213Machias SPMHow pleasant 'tis to see Kindred and friends agree,
E minor. Abraham Maxim (1802).
Psalm 137 134Lamentation LMD(Tate & Brady) When we our wearied limbs to rest
D minor. Walter Janes (1803).
Psalm 137 167 Bondage 10s(Joseph Barlow) Along the bank where Babel's current flows
A minor. Timothy Swan (1801).
Psalm 138 395Camden LMWith all my powers of heart and tongue
A minor. Bradshaw (1826).
Psalm 139 68Ward CMDIn all my vast concerns with thee
F# minor. Joseph Stone (1793).
Psalm 141 7bWinchesterMy God, accept my early vows, Like morning incense in thy house
D major. The Psalm Singers Companion (1751).
Psalm 144 1tDublin CMLord, what is man poor feeble man?
A minor. Smith Collection (1698)
Psalm 144 19Woodbury LMwhere their sons like pillars round a palace set
C major. Abraham Wood (1793).
Psalm 145 70bMarcus HookSweet is the mem'ry of thy grace, My God, my heavn'ly king;
C Major. Elkanah Kelsey Dare (1813).
Psalm 146 47Psalm 46The Lord hath eyes to give the blind
D major. Solomon Chandler (1783).
Psalm 146 249Spring Valley LPMAnd when my voice is lost in death
D major. The Easy Instructor, Part II (1803).
Psalm 146 300Livonia LPMHappy the man whose hopes rely
E minor. The American Musical Magazine (1800).
Psalm 146 390Ohio LPMI'll praise my Maker with my breath;
A major. Samuel Holyoak (1791).
Psalm 148 446Song of Praise CMD He sends his word and melts the snow,
G major. Elisha West (1807).
Psalm 148 420Bellevue HM Ye tribes of Adam, join)
F major. Elkanah Kelsey Dare (1813).
Psalm 148 423Briar Island HMYe tribes of Adam, join
A minor. Doron Henkin (1997, 2011)

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