Are 6ths to be raised in 117 Babylon Is Fallen?

An imperfect experiment: Listen to MIDI files and decide for yourself.
This page contains MIDI files in: (1) pure minor (flatted sixth); (2) dorian "understood as printed" (raised sixths and raised sevenths); (3) mixed (middle is dorian, otherwise minor); and (4) pure Dorian (ignore sharped sevenths of the printed version).

Crotchet = 60 (1) With minor sixth:
(2) With raised sixth (dorian):
Quarter note = 30
(much slower)
(1) With minor sixth:
(2) With raised sixth (dorian):
Download LilyPond files
And tinker with to your heart's content
(1) With minor sixth (q=60):
(2) With raised sixth (dorian) (q=60):

(3) One alternative is that the song begins and ends in minor, but the middle section ("Shiloh's wide dominion") is Dorian.

Crotchet = 60 Midi file:
LilyPond file:

(4) It has also been suggested that this is a pure Dorian song, so the sharped sevenths should be flatted.

Crotchet = 65 Midi file in pure Dorian mode:
Crotchet = 30 Midi file in pure Dorian mode:

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