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Songs for Beginning Singers

Many first-time visitors know which songs they want to request. Others many find this page useful.

Songs that work for first-time visitors

Page and Tune_name(first line)MP3 recordingsYouTube recordings
27 Bethel(Oh for a closer walk with God) Ch02 Hb10 AL10 Coop
28b Wells(Life is the time to serve the Lord) SM10 AM10 MN03 SLCC 
31t Ninety-Third Psalm(Grace! Tis a charming sound) RI10 NY09 Hb10 MN03
32t Corinth(Jesus, and shall it ever be) NY09 Bo10 Hb10 SM10

AM10 HE10 JI10 AntB 

Edvl Shlo 19SW MN03 


PR11 HS11

34b St. Thomas(Come, sound His praise abroad) LH10 Hb10 JS10 SM10

AM10 HVly BF10 AL10

CA11 PS10 PR11 VT11

38b Windham(Broad is the road that leads to death) SM10 HVly Vint HH10


45t New Britain(Amazing grace! how sweet the sound)

Sacred Harp version slightly different
from popular culture version.

(works better for harmonies; especially bass.)

LH10 JS10 AC10 HE10 

CF09 PS10 Edvl RM97

AntB HVly 19SW Shlo

VT11 HS11

47t Primrose(Salvation, Oh the joyful sound) Hb10 JI10 MN03 Edvl 

SLCC Shlo Dlls GeoS

BF10 CA11 WM11 GA11

GA11 HS11

47b Idumea(And am I born to die?)

VT10 Bo10 LH10 Hb10

SM10 AM10 Ch10 AL10

MN03 Ider Edvl AntB 19SW 


CA11 WM11 Vint PS11

PR11 VT11 FoNG HS11

48t Devotion(Sweet is the day of sacred rest) VT10 JS10 AC10 HH10

HH10 WC78 AntB PS10


49t Old Hundred(Oh come, loud anthems let us sing)

AC10 Ider HVly Dlls

CF09 WM11 PS10 HS11

49b Mear(Will God forever cast us off?)

Ch02 Bo10 Hb10 MN03

Edvl AntB HVly Shlo


GA11 PR11

61 Sweet Rivers(Sweet rivers of redeeming love)

VT10 Edvl Dlls CA11

Vint GA11 VT11

66 Jordan (First)(There is a land of pure delight)

VT10 RI10 Bo10 AM10

19SW RM96 Ch10 GeoS

HH10 AL10 CA11 WM11

WM11 PS10 HS11

84 Amsterdam(Rise my soul and stretch thy wings)

Bo10 AM10 MN03 SLCC

HVly 19SW GeoS AL10

CA11 WM11 WM11 GA11

PR11 HS11

86 Poland(God of my life, look gently down)

VT10 Bo10 SM10 JI10

Edvl Ch10 GeoS HH10

Shlo 19SW NYC4 RM96

BF10 CA11 CA11 WM11


107 Russia(My spirit looks to God alone)

VT10 RI10 AC10 HE10 

MN03 Shlo RM96 Ch10

BF10 CA11 WM11 GA11

VT11 HS11

146 Hallelujah(And let this feeble body fail)

VT10 Ch02 Bo10 Hb10 

JS10 SM10 AM10 AC10

Edvl SLCC AntB 19SW 

NYC4 RM96 RM97 GeoS

HH10 BF10 CA11 WM11

Vint PR11 VT11

147t Boylston(My God, my life, my love)

SLCC 19SW Shlo RM96


147b Laban(My soul, be on thy guard) Bo10 WM11
159 Wondrous Love(What wondrous love is this!)

RI10 NY09 Bo10 JS10

SM10 AC10 HE10 HVly 

Shlo 19SW Ch10 GeoS

BF10 CA11 WM11 GA11

VT11 HS11 HS11

178 Africa(Now shall my inward joys arise,)

VT10 RI10 JS10 SM10

AC10 MN03 Edvl HVly

19SW Dlls JI10 Ch10

GeoS HH10 AL10 CA11

CA11 WM11 WM11 GA11

GA11 PR11 VT11 HS11

268 David's Lamentation(David the king was grieved and moved)

VT10 JS10 AC10 HE10 

SLCC 19SW Shlo Ch10

GeoS CA11 CA11 WM11

WM11 PS10 PR11 FoNG

HS11 HS11

276 Bridgewater(From all that dwell below the skies)

MN03 Edvl SLCC Dlls

RM97 NY09 Bo10 LH10

Hb10 Ch10 GeoS BF10

CA11 WM11 WM11 GA11

PR11 VT11 HS11

335 Return Again(Savior, visit Thy plantation)

RI10 AC10 Bo10 JB02

MN03 Edvl SLCC HVly

19SW GeoS BF10 WM11

WM11 Vint PS10 GA11

VT11 HS11 HS11

448t Consecration(There then to Thee Thine own I leave)

Bo10 Hb10 JS10 HE10

MN03 Ider SLCC Shlo

RM97 CA11 CA11 WM11

WM11 VT11

448b The Grieved Soul "Therapy Song"
(Come, my soul and let us try)


Bo10 SM10 Ch10 GA11


457 Wayfaring Stranger(I am a poor, wayfaring stranger)

AM10 62AN BF10 WM11

WM11 PS10

479 Chester(Let the high heav'ns your songs invite)

VT10 JS10 JI10 GeoS

HVly Shlo Bo10 HH10

CA11 WM11

503 Lloyd(My Savior and my King)

VT10 RI10 MN03 Edvl

AntB 19SW LH10 Hb10

JS10 CF09 Ch10 GeoS

HH10 BF10 AL10 WM11

PS10 GA11 PR11

515b Federal Street(My dear Redeemer and my Lord)

RI10 HVly Dlls GeoS

CA11 PS10 PR11 VT11

Come Thou Font of Every Blessing

These words have been repeatedly set to music. They tend to be sung fast.
145 WarrentonMajor Key setting (MP3 files)

RI10 JS10 Ch10 BF10

312b Restoration (First)minor key setting (MP3 files)

WC78 MN03 Edvl HVly

Fast songs appropriate for beginners

These songs can be sung at any tempo. So speak up if you want them fast.
72 Bellevue

WF76 19SW CA11 CA11

WM11 PS10

117 (minor) Babylon is Fallen

Ch02 Hb10 JS10 CA11

PS10 PR11 HS11

145 Warrenton

(not Warrington)

RI10 JS10 Ch10 BF10
274t (minor) The Golden Harp

Bo10 JS10 AC10 HE10 


Shlo RM96 Ch10 BF10

CA11 WM11 WM11 GA11

345b (minor) I'm On My Journey Home AC10 WF76 Shlo 19SW
401 Cuba

RI10 Dlls Bo10 LH10

Ch10 BF10 PR11

Closing Song: 228 Marlborough

The other groups in Los Angeles use #276 Bridgewater (see above). Because the Culver City group sings every week, we wanted something more challenging.

MP3 files: SM10     AM10     AC10     SLCC 

More information on Shape Note Singing in general

Shape note singing in Culver City
Contact: David Olson (310) 410-9033 for more details.