Raised Sixth Songs in the Sacred Harp

The following are considered good examples of songs with the raised sixth (in music theory, called "dorian mode") (some of us call it "Sacred Harp Minor Key"). Training your mind to think in dorian mode.

With minor seventh
Page No. Tunename Comment
 27 Bethel Parallel fifths (trebles and tenors) in fourth measure if Dorian; otherwise dissonant.
 42 Clamanda Treble has repeated 3-4-5-6-7 figure (7x).
      Tenors sing a similar figure with different timing (3x) .
74 The Enquirer Comment
126 Babel's Streams Comment
142 Stratfield Comment
159 Wondrous Love Tenor has a raised sixth, but not the treble.
211 Whitestown Comment
267 Parting Friends Trebles and tenors both have prominent raised sixths.
274t Golden Harp Does this even count? Trebles have it briefly as an eighth note for half a syllable Fare- well vain world, I'm go- ing home.
277 Antioch Trebles and tenors both have prominent raised sixths.
300 Calvary Comment
302 Logan Both trebles and tenors sing the raised sixth frequently.
In the third measure, everyone sings tonic La ("e"), except for the tenors, who sing Fa (c#), the raised sixth.
442 New Jordan Altos have the raised sixth twice during the fuging section; the first time they are joined by the trebles while the basses sustain the tonic (part of a six-measure breath control yoga) and the tenors are silent.
457 Wayfaring Stranger The classic. Trebles sing jour- n'ying thru this world of woe.

Which sounds better -- Dorian or minor? Babylon Is Fallen (117).
(Listen to the tempered cuneiform midi files.)

Training your mind to think in dorian mode.

With major seventh

Page No. Tunename Comment
38 Windham Comment
183 Greenwich Comment
447 Wondrous Cross Comment

Felt by some to be in the manner of Indian "Ragas"

Moodily switching between minor 6 and major 6

Page No. Tunename Comment
080t Shouting Song Raise most but not all.
168 Cowper "just feels to me like it sounds better with the 6ths raised in some places" J.H.
447 Wondrous Cross Comment

Minor key songs without sixth degree in any of the four voices: The Promised Land (128), Restoration (312b), I'm On My Journey Home (345b), and Consecration (448t).

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