The Christian Warfare (12-11 12-11)

Southern Harmony, 1835

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Questions about the lyrics

1. What does "Apollyon" refer to?
"Apollyon" is a Greek translation of Hebrew Abaddon ("Destruction"; "The Destroyer"), the Greek "ly" relating to "apo + lysis" (breaking down), thus not related to the Olympian god of music (Apollo).

In The Pilgrim's Progress , the pilgrim Christian meets Apollyon in the Valley of Humiliation; Apollyon's task is to reverse the pilgrim's progress.

In Aeschylus' tragedy Agamemnon, during Cassandra's last prophecy about her own demise, she says

[1085] Apollo, Apollo!
[1086] God of the Ways, my destroyer!
(apolloon emos = "my destroyer")
[1087] Ah, what way is this that you have brought me! To what a house!

2. What is the "state of probation"?
Again, this appears frequently in John Bunyan's The Pilgrim's Progress (1678), such as in the following prayer.

The Pilgrim's Progress, page 163 (1786 edition)
Almighty God, make me so wise in this state of probation and trial, as to provide for eternity, by walking in those paths that conducted thy blessed saints to everlasting bliss. Keep it for ever in the purpose of my heart, as it was in theirs, to obey those laws which thou my Maker and Sovereign hast enjoined, and according to which I shall be one day judged.

3. Why do you put stuff like this on your website?

So we can spend more time singing!
We do not want to get into discussions about the words during the singing hours.

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