Any common meter tune (8-6-8-6) can be used to sing "Amazing Grace". The Sacred Harp uses "New Britain" (45t) and "Jewett" (105). "New Britain" is the tune most people think of when they talk about "Amazing Grace"; "Jewett" is the tune used on the Anonymous 4 American Angels CD.

Tim Eriksen has revived "Fiducia" (not in Sacred Harp), which was the American Vocalist melody used for this tune.

PDF file of Fiducia (legal size: 1 page).

PDF file of Fiducia (letter size: 2 pages).

YouTube page of Tim Eriksen performing this tune and singing these words.

The melody sung by Tim appears in the third line (tenor) below. These notes are taken from Hesperian Harp, which is simpler than what Tim is singing. (Tim is adding a lot of amazin' "grace notes".)

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