Lyrics: Mr. Bidwell of Connecticut (Philadelphia Songster, 1789)

Tune: G. Cook

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Complete lyrics by Mr. Bidwell of Connecticut, as published in the Philadelphia Songster, 1789
Friendship to every willing mind
Opens a heavenly treasure:
There may the sons of sorrow find
Sources of real pleasure.
See what employments men pursue,
Then you will own my words are true:
Friendship alone presents to view
Sources of real pleasure.

Poor are the joys that fools esteem,
Fading and transitory;
Mirth is as fleeting as a dream,
Or a delusive story;
Luxury leaves a sting behind,
Wounding the body and the mind;
Only in Friendship can we find
Pleasure and solid glory.

Beauty, with all its gaudy shows,
Is but a painted bubble;
Short is the triumph wit bestows,
Full of deceit and trouble;
Fame like a shadow flees away,
Titles and dignities decay;
Nothing but Friendship can display
Joys that are free from trouble.

Learning (that boasted glittering thing)
Scarcely is worth possessing;
Riches, forever on the wing,
Cannot be called a blessing;
Sensual pleasures swell desire,
Just as the fuel feeds the fire;
Friendship can real bliss inspire:
Bliss that is worth possessing.

Happy the man who has a friend
Formed by the God of nature;
Well may he feel and recommend
Friendship for his Creator:
Then let our hearts in Friendship join,
So let our social powers combine,
Ruled by a passion most divine:
Friendship with our Creator.

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