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The folks in Boston have MP3 files for a large number of songs in The Sacred Harp.

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Chestnut List These are songs that new singers learn quickly, that our group (Culver City) sings well, and that are always appreciated.
Fasola Three-Liners List of songs lack an alto part.
Entry Fuging Tunes Entry-level fuging tunes.
Fuges - To Work On We like these fuges and sing them regularly even though they could use some work.
Folksy You'll probably recognize these tunes from folk music.
Familiar Hymn Words The words are in almost every Protestant hymnal; generally our tunes are different.
Politically Incorrect Name says it all.
Acceleration First These are fast songs that can be enjoyed by new singers.
Dizzier Fast songs that require a little more familiarity.
Pecans List of intermediate-level songs; more difficult than the "Chestnuts" but we like them.

A .doc file of the these song lists.

Chestnut List

27 Bethel(Oh for a closer walk with God)
28b Wells(Life is the time to serve the Lord)
31t Ninety-Third Psalm(Grace! Tis a charming sound)
32t Corinth(Jesus, and shall it ever be)
34b St. Thomas(Come, sound His praise abroad)
38b Windham(Broad is the road that leads to death)
39t Detroit(Do not I love Thee, Oh my Lord?)
45t New Britain(Amazing grace! how sweet the sound)
47t Primrose(Salvation, Oh the joyful sound)
47b Idumea(And am I born to die?)
48t Devotion(Sweet is the day of sacred rest)
49t Old Hundred(Oh come, loud anthems let us sing)
49b Mear(Will God forever cast us off?)
59 Holy Manna(Brethren, we have met to worship)
61 Sweet Rivers(Sweet rivers of redeeming love)
66 Jordan(There is a land of pure delight)
68b Ortonville(How sweet the name of Jesus sounds)
74b King of Peace(Lord, I cannot let Thee go)
84 Amsterdam(Rise my soul and stretch thy wings)
86 Poland(God of my life, look gently down)
87 Sweet Canaan(Oh who will come and go with me?)
107 Russia(My spirit looks to God alone)
117 Babylon Is Fallen(Hail the day so long expected)
145t Warrenton(Come, Thou Fount of ev'ry blessing)
146 Hallelujah(And let this feeble body fail)
147t Boylston(My God, my life, my love)
147b Laban(My soul, be on thy guard)
159 Wondrous Love(What wondrous love is this!)
178 Africa(Now shall my inward joys arise,)
207 Louisiana(Come, little children, now we may)
267 Parting Friends(Farewell, my friends, I'm bound for Canaan)
268 David's Lamentation(David the king was grieved and moved)
274t The Golden Harp(Farewell, vain world, I'm going home)
276 Bridgewater(From all that dwell below the skies)
287 Cambridge(The Lord will happiness divine)
335 Return Again(Savior, visit Thy plantation)
448t Consecration(There then to Thee Thine own I leave)
448b The Grieved Soul "Therapy Song"
(Come, my soul and let us try)
457 Wayfaring Stranger(I am a poor, wayfaring stranger)
473 Carmarthen(Rejoice! the Lord is King)
479 Chester(Let the high heav'ns your songs invite)
489 The Savior's Call(Come, wand'ring sheep, oh, come!)
503 Lloyd(My Savior and my King)
515b Federal Street(My dear Redeemer and my Lord)
566 Hebron(Thus far the Lord hath led me on)
569t Emmaus(Dear Lord, what heav'nly wonders dwell)
569b Sacred Throne(Beneath the sacred throne of God)

Fasola Three-Liners

These songs do not have an alto part.
29b Tribulation
54 The Blessed Lamb
70 Save Mighty Lord (from Social Harp)
82b Edgefield
108b The Traveler
116 Union
118 Stockwood
138t Adoration
160 War Department
230 Converting Grace
271t Arkansas
284 Garden Hymn (added in 1991)
338 Sawyer's Exit
346 The American Star
348t Ainslie (added in 1991)
355 Anthem on the Saviour
359b The Bride's Farewell
407 Charlton
435b Sacred Rest
449 Fatherland
451 Mary's Joy and Grief

Entry Fuging Tunes

228 Marlborough (this is our closing song)

36b Ninety Fifth
40 Lenox
46 Let Us Sing
63 Coronation
66 Jordan
99 Gospel Trumpet
107 minor Russia
110 minor Mount Vernon
155 Northfield
168 Cowper
177 The Christian's Flight
192 Schenectady
209 Evening Shade
268 David's Lamentation
276 Bridgewater
318 Present Joys
551 Jacob's Vision

Fuges - To Work On

196 (minor) Alabama
203 (minor) Florida
216 Delight
218 Mount Pleasant
299 New Jerusalem
300 (minor) Calvary
315 Immensity
340 Odem (Second)
371 Heavenly Dove
372 (minor) Rockport
440 (minor) North Salem
441 Raymond
442 New Jordan
454 Better Land
455 (minor) Soar Away
456 Sacred Mount
474 Mount Desert
475 A Thankful Heart
481 (minor) Novakoski
485 New Agatite
504 (minor) Wood Street
506 (minor) The Ark


133 Hebrew Children (Way Down Yonder in the Paw-Paw Patch)
145b Sweet Affliction (Go Tell Aunt Rhody) (Rousseau)
162 Plenary (Auld Lang Syne)
223 Portuguese Hymn (Adeste Fideles)
339 When I Am Gone (Long Long Ago)
334 Oh Come Away (Come Sign the Pledge)

Familiar Hymn Words

27 BethelO for a closer walk with God
30 Love DivineAll loves excelling
128 The Promised Land (minor)On Jordan's stormy banks I stand (in 1881, the hymnals changed to major.)
314 CleburneAll hail the power of Jesus' name
330 FellowshipBlest be the tie that binds
336 Eternal HomeO God our help in ages past
349 A Cross For MeMust Jesus bear the Cross alone?
395 New BethelO for a thousand tongues to sing
397 The FountainThere is a fountain filled with blood
452 MartinJesus lover of my soul
478 My Rising SunGod moves in a mysterious way

Politically Incorrect

Rarely sung.
We're not going to get into a discussion.
'Nuff said.
115 Edmonds(Adam's Ribs)
78 Stafford(In spite of env'ous Dudes)

Acceleration First

72 Bellevue
117 (minor) Babylon is Fallen
274t (minor) The Golden Harp
312b Restoration (first)
345b (minor) I'm On My Journey Home
401 Cuba


145 Warrington
270 Confidence
424 Sweet Union


48b Kedron
56b Villulia
65 Sweet Prospect
77t The Child of Grace
82b Edgefield
85 The Morning Trumpet
89 The Church's Desolation
95b Vernon
102 Fulfillment
108b The Traveler
114 Saint's Delight
122 All Is Well
125 Expression
128 The Promised Land
143 Pleyel's Hymn (first)
148 Jefferson
157 Essay
163t Morning
163b China
179 The Christian Warfare
207 Louisiana
213t The Good Old Way
235 Long Sought Home
277 Antioch
284 Garden Hymn
285t Arnold
290 Victoria
297 Conversion
319 Religion Is a Fortune
324 North Port
332 Sons of Sorrow
334 Oh Come Away
341 The Lone Pilgrim
348b Fleeting Days
354b Happy Land
358 Murillo's Lesson
375 Love the Lord (minor)
378t Heavenly Port
378b Never Turn Back
385t Fight On
421 Sweet Morning
489 The Savior's Call
497 Natick
501 O'Leary
523 Pleyel's Hymn (second)
535 Shawmut
567 The Great Day

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