The folks in Boston have MP3 files for a most songs in The Sacred Harp.

Or Listen to each voice separately.

A cappella folk singing according to Sacred Harp traditions.

Ballona Fasola

What to Expect at Our Singings

We started singing in May, 2009; as of May (2015) we have grown & shrunk; now just a small group of fairly dedicated singers.

In general we follow social conventions used by other Sacred Harp groups: out-of-town singers drop in sometimes. But because we're a small group who knows each other well, we will take unexpected deviations from these conventions.

Common denominator is the 1991 Sacred Harp, the most widely used songbook for social singing in America today. Typically we sing about 14 songs the first hour, then a short break, and 10 or more songs the second hour.

"Social singing" means: (1) We don't perform. (2) Everyone comes to sing; discussions can be held elsewhere. (3) We "leave religion at the door". Just as we can practice Yoga without Hinduism and the caste system, and we sing "glory hallelujah" without discussing Christianity or "distinctives".

We have copies of Sacred Harp to lend, and you can also purchase one of these. Songbooks cost $25 each. Then you can get serious about favorite song management.

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Contact: David Olson (310) 410-9033 for more details.
Singing location: 4427 Overland Avenue, Culver City, California

We're actually about one mile from Ballona Creek.
Culver City Bus Line #3

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