Northampton Harmony Song List

Sources of songs recorded by "Northampton Harmony" quartet on "The Hookes' Regular Sing" CD.

Listen to, or purchase, this CD at Tim Eriksen's website.

This webpage has been created by fans so that we can sing along with Tim Eriksen (lead), Jeff Colby (bass), Cath Oss (alto), and Kelly House (treble), and (cyberspacially or around the kitchen table) with each other.

Track     Tunename     Practical Source for Singers
(Musicological Source for researchers)
01     Lisbon     Missouri Harmony, page 149
(Harry S. Chandler, The Social Harp, 1854)
Singable PDF file here.
02     Christian Warfare     Sacred Harp page 179
(Southern Harmony, 1835)
Singable PDF file here.
03     Despair     [Unavailable?]
(American Musical Magazine, 1802)

Cath Oss & Tim reunite at Celtic Conections 2011 to sing this song. (YouTube link)

04     Devotion     Sacred Harp page 48t
(Alexander Johnson, The Sacred Harp, 1818)
Singable PDF file here.
05     Fisher     Northern Harmony page 66
(Heart Songs 1909; arranged Tim Eriksen 1995)
06     Sacred Mount     Sacred Harp page 456
(A. M. Cagle, Sacred Harp, 1935)
07     Gethsemane     [at UCLA, Southern Religion Library Facility has a copy.]
(J. L. Clapp, Ancient Harmony Revived, 1849)
08     Walpole     Northern Harmony pages 216-217
(Abraham Wood, Northampton Harmony, 1797)
In four parts.
09     Milbrook     Northern Harmony page 146
(Neely Bruce, 1989, Hamm Harmony)
Neely Bruce's website.
10     New Concord     Berkley Moore's Hesperian Harp website,   number 227.
(The Brethren's Tune and Hymn Book, 1872)
Singable PDF file on this website.
11     In Evil Long     [Difficult to obtain copies]
(American Vocalist, 1848)
Singable tenor here.
12     Spring     [Out of print]
(Many other songs are called "Spring")
Singable file for four voices.
(P. T. Bullard, World of Music, c. 1847)
13     Washington's Dirge     [Unavailable?]
(Uri K. Hill, American Musical Magazine, 1800)
(Uri Keeler Hill), 1780-1844
14     Psalm 119     Berkley Moore's Hesperian Harp website, number 135
Singable PDF file here.
(Smith, American Vocalist, 1848)
15     No. 8     Missouri Harmony pages 162-163
(Elias Mann, American Musical Magazine, 1802)
16     All Is Well     Northern Harmony page 7
(American Vocalist, 1848)
17     Montgomery     Sacred Harp page 189
(Justin Morgan, 1790)
18     Consecration     Sacred Harp page 448t
(William S. Turner, 1866)
19     Lisbon     (As above, this time recorded during a group singing.)
20     David's Lamentation     Sacred Harp page 268
(William S. Turner, 1866)
21     Green Street     Sacred Harp page 198
(unknown; assumed late 18th century English)

Missouri Harmony    In print (order from Amazon).
Northern Harmony     Out-of-print (can be purchased used).
Sacred Harp (1991 ed.)     Order from P.O. Box 385

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