Traditional vocal harmony in the West Los Angeles Area

Ballona Fasola

What Else to Expect at Our Singings

We started singing in May, 2009. Small group, but most of us know the Sacred Harp (MP3 files) pretty well.
We're getting to know the Shenandoah Harmony too.

The social dynamics of Sacred Harp singing differ from a choir or an amateur performing group. Here, you have more freedom to work out your own personal musical agenda (in the company of other inner-directed singers).

Sacred Harp rhetoric says "It's okay to sing loud" Yes, true; but you will gain more control of your voice by singing sensitively.

It's also recommended, whenever you listen to recordings of music, to find singers who have the same vocal range as yourself.

1. Because most of us have muscle-based pitch memory (rather the ear-based perfect pitch)
2. Because anything that your pitch-matched model voice can sing, your brain naturally encodes and finds opportunies to use.
3. Because of the Levitin effect. (I.e. untrained singers have much better sense of pitch than they realize.)

If ya wanna learn music by osmosis, ya gotta osmote from a model who has the same range as yourself!

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