Table of Contents for this Website

List of songs from our August 25, 2011 eclectic singing  (with links to PDF files).
Guide to compositions by William Billings(which tunebook?).

A list of Psalms from The Sacred Harp
A list of Psalms from the Shenandoah Harmony
Other shape note versions of metrical psalms.

Learning Materials
List of learning materials.
Introduction and Musical Intervals. (Introduction to singing in the major key.)
Chestnut List songs we like to sing in Culver City.

Various Songs Set In Shape Notes
America's first national anthem: "Chester"
Alternate tune for "My Country, 'Tis Of Thee"
Friendship (1789)
Old Hundred (1551)

A version of Amazing Grace (tune: Fiducia) recently revived by Tim Ericksen (YouTube).
Tune name index to American Vocalist.
German Hymns in shape-note notation: Geistliche Lieder
German Student Songs in shape-note notation: Studentenlieder

What to Expect
What to expect at one of our singings.

About Me

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Singing location: 4427 Overland Avenue, Culver City, California
Close to "The Spot Cafe & Lounge"